Traymate Base 2



    The Base 2 camper is the most popular model and has the Traymate Empty Shell, the Traymate Roof Top Tent and an internal fit-out that gives you:

    Integrated electrical system with built in management systems and a 1000W inverter, this system manages all your power in and power out for your 12V needs and it has a touch screen display that gives you a state-of-charge readout.  The system takes charge for the battery from a grey 50amp Anderson plug (front passenger side) for vehicle charge, a red 50amp Anderson plug for solar panel plug in (solar panels not included) and it can also charge from a 240V plugin.



    100Litre marine grade 12V fridge/freezer

    Water Tank

    110Litre water tank (gravity feed)


    120amp AGM deep cycle battery

    *upgradeable to 100amp lithium battery

    Ample Storage

    Built-in cupboards and drawers with a drop-down-table and ample storage

    Integrated Lights

    One on each door and a strip light (and 12v accessories socket) in the Roof Top Tent above the mattress

    Interchangeable Bottles

    Two light-weight LPG interchangeable bottles for the cooktop and hot water system

    Hot Water

    Hot Water on Demand H2Oasis Elite for your hot water and shower needs


    EvenTemp With Griddle stove top for cooking and BBQ


    Dimensions: 1800mm(L)x1830mm(W)
    Head board clearance: 1015mm(H)
    Approximate Dry Weight starting at 397 kg


    The Traymate camper is proudly designed and manufactured by Trayon Campers.

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