Traymate Base 1

    Traymate Base 1


    The Traymate Base 1 has the two essential ingredients for work and play. The empty lightweight slide on Traymate shell with legs and the Traymate roof top tent.  This roof top tent is not your run of the mill roof top tent; it’s a huge tent structure that also forms its own awning on the passenger side when it is opened.  The entire tent is 1800mm wide when closed so it can be easily unzipped right around the base from standing height on the ground, no need for ladders to get up on top to open this tent.

    Made from Australian Bradmill canvas, it is hard wearing and long lasting.  It has a comfy queen bed mattress that does not need to fold in half to pack it up, like other roof top tents on the market. You can leave your bed made so that when you open it again – it’s ready to go.  The opening procedure is quick and easy, taking only 3mins to erect for camping and when it’s in the open position it has a covered entrance and a rain covered window to allow for cross draft ventilation even in full blown rain.


    Dimensions: 1800mm(L)x1830mm(W)
    Head board clearance: 1015mm(H)
    Approximate Dry Weight starting at 275kg


    The Traymate camper is proudly designed and manufactured by Trayon Campers.

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