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The Traymate EC (Extra Cab / Single Cab) is the perfect solution for those who need a vehicle for work and play. It features a lightweight slide-on Traymate camper with legs and a spacious built-in Traymate rooftop tent that can sleep four adults in two double beds. Unlike other rooftop tents, the Traymate’s fixed roof structure also doubles as an awning on the passenger side when opened, providing ample shade and protection from the elements. The tent is made with the same high-quality Australian canvas as our flagship Trayon Camper and has full blackout capability with a zipped fly screen to keep pesky insects at bay.



100Litre marine grade 12V fridge/freezer

Water Tank

110Litre water tank (gravity feed)


100amp/hr Lithium deep cycle battery

*upgradeable to 200 or 400amp lithium battery

Drivers Side Storage

Massive internal storage space approx 2.1m cubed.

Integrated Lights

All LED lights – large strip light for sleeping area and white / orange flip up door lights

3x Interchangeable Propane Gas Canisters

Three 468g propane canisters with holders

Hot Water

Portable propane hot water system

Portable 2 Burner Stove

Removable propane 2 burner stove


    • – Camper body with two canopy style flip-up doors and hard-shell flip-over roof/awning with canvas sleep area
      – Driver side internal open storage area (EC= approx. 2.1 m 3 )
      – Passenger side external kitchen area with storage drawers/containers and a drop-down table
      – 2 x main bed mattresses in sleep area at 1900 x 1350mm each
      – 4 x legs to free-stand the camper (33kg already included in camper dry-weight)
      – 2 x stabiliser bars for free-standing stability
      – 110L gravity feed on-board water tank
      – 100L capacity upright marine-grade fridge/freezer
      – Removable/portable 2burner propane cooktop
      – Removable/portable propane hot water system
      – 3 x 468g propane canisters with holder
      – 1kg mounted fire extinguisher
      – 6 x large windows with zip-open midge mesh for 360® ventilation in sleep area
      – 1 x Telescopic ladder and 1 set of mounts to access sleep area
      – All LED lighting – strip light in sleep area and a white/orange bug on each flip-up door
      – 2 x underbody lockable storage drawers
      – Removable camper tropical fly with outriggers
      – 12v system with a battery management system as well with 12v USB and CiG socket outlets
      100amp/hr lithium battery with 12v dc-dc charging from vehicle and solar input plug and 240v charging


Dimensions: 2200mm(L)x1980mm(W)
Overall height: 1325mm(from tray up)
Approximate Dry Weight starting at 390 kg


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The Traymate camper is proudly designed and manufactured by Trayon Campers.

Unit 3/614 Maroochydore Rd
Kunda Park, Sunshine Coast
QLD Australia 4556

Phone (07) 5476 5355
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